NBN Interview with David Shimer: Russia and the West…..

“The guard is tired.” With that simple phrase, the newly installed Bolshevik regime in Russia dismissed the duly elected Constituent Assembly in January 1918. And, one might say, so started Russia’s century-long interference in elections and electoral outcomes. In his new book Rigged: America, Russia, and One Hundred Years of Covert Electoral Interference (Knopf, 2020), David Shimer narrates in meticulous but page-turning detail a century of covert electoral interference, by both the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and continuing to this day with a focus on post-Soviet Russia’s efforts to affect US politics. His account of the lead up to the 2016 US Presidential election makes for frightening and gripping reading. Its implications for the 2020 election are equally clear. The US needs to come up with a means to counter Russia’s now well-developed expertise in disrupting and weakening American democracy. Time is running out.   Listen to the NBN interview here.