On July 9, 2018, less than a week after the publication of Getting Back to Business,I was dismayed to learn that 13 of the 264 cells on pages 259-260 had been miscopied during the page-proof production process.  My apologies. The correct numbers are attached below.  Please note that the miscopied cells are mostly in the middle of the table on page 259. They do not affect the starting or ending values of either table, nor the summary statistics of either table, with the exception that the median return (stock only) on page 260 should show as 9.96% rather 9.6%.

The production error affects only the first printing. Subsequent printings will show the correct numbers.  eBook versions downloaded anytime after the middle of July, 2018 will also show the correct tables, as well as an expanded endnote describing the tables.

Corrected July 9, 2018; updated July 11, 2018.

Markowitz 1959 Project (Updated note for Website) July 11-2018

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